PERFECT 8 Bodega Installation

photo by Roni Macón

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PERFECT 8 Bodega Installataion

On June 12, 2009 PERFECT8 presented the "Revised Men’s and Women’s Interest Sections" at local Manhattan Bodega, Last Stop Convenience.  This installation featured the release of PERFECT8 issue #4: “The Space Between Things.” 

PERFECT8 Magazine brings together works by artists and writers that engage the public in a dialogue about the negative impacts of the objectification perpetuated by the media while also promoting empathy as an alternative to this objectification. The PERFECT8 Bodega Installation project placed PERFECT8 magazines amongst the typical magazines sold in a local bodega.  By placing PERFECT8 in the bodega, an integrated aspect of the community was intentionally altered. This invasion into the everyday life allows individuals to interact with the project. The dialogue created through the public’s interactions seeked to remind people that they have the choice and the ability to question any value system they are presented with before they accept it.

Participating Artists included: Andrea Aragón, Roni Mocán, Jessica Lagunas, Anki King, Dona, Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz, Kathy Aoki, Sol Kjøk, Faith 47, Laisvyde Šalciute, Muck, Travis LeRoy Southworth, Joe Levickas, Jeff Feld, Chloe Paganini, Karen Hunt, Trina Porte, Lady Pink, Tunstall Pierce, Anne Ream, Laura Meyers, Carla Gannis, William Coronado, Toofly, Jamie Walsh, Diane Arrieta, Stephanie Liner, Ellie Brown, and Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation.  Created and edited by Diana Schmertz.

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